Tuesday, 24 August 2010

African cuisine: The last food taboo?

It's really the ultimate mystery for a foodie like me: why the lack of a mainstream African food scene? I sit and ponder this; I cry, I raise my hands heaven ward in search of a divine clue, I console myself with re-runs of Dorinder Hafner on dodgy VHS or I venture to Brixton market and loiter suspiciously around the mounds of dried salt fish and plantain; but still, it doesn't elicit any answers! I then decided enough was enough and a more pro-active approach was needed, so I went on line and posted on a well-known food website searching for peoples theories on the billion-cedi question. The responses hit me with the ferocity of a plane door opening at Kotoka airport (guys, you know what I mean, that heat is serious!), African food is considered inferior! Some of the responses to my enquiry went as follows: 'It's all bland pastes and tough meat' (Please sit down while I spoon feed you my Mum's homemade shito, and then tell me how bland you think 'African food' is!) 'I know nothing about it!' They keep it in the community' ' African food? You mean Moroccan ?...And other comments of an annoyingly similar ilk. My comeback to this? Nothing. Take note my trusted Hot Plantainers, for all will be revealed in due course...but in the meantime, get involved as I'm fond of saying; what are your opinions as to the reasons why Sub-saharan food isn't as popular as other cuisines?