Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ghana needs a Nigerian idol

Now, I like to be inclusive with my reporting on all the funny stuff that makes the world go round; so what better way to bring a smile to ones face then to recommend you all somehow, someway, subscribe to Sky or any cheap broadband provider (heck, steal a dish if you have to - did I just say that?) to watch what is possibly the contender for the reality TV show of 2011( and it's only January) - yes, that's right, Nigerian idol is here! The search for Nigeria's musical persona is proving to be a hit not only with the Nigerian community in London, but for those looking for pure comedic value to Simon Cowell's relentless franchise, in a caption: compelling; was it fair for Rachel to go? Who will impress the judges this week? Where did the presenters get those American accents? All will be revealed...catch it on Sky 204. But I can't help wondering, will Ghana follow suit and what would it be like? Any ideas, guys?