Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Supper club night: Part 1

So, it came and went leaving me pondering and more convinced than ever that Ghanaian food has a place in the mainstream. Yes, granted a few things need to change to make it more accessible, but ultimately, it has potential because it's good, flavourful and interesting. In a world where we are becoming more inclined to seek out the more exotic and experimental, this is all pretty exciting for me.

Back to the events of Saturday evening. Being the organised person that I am, I had the menu sorted out weeks ago - I knew exactly what I wanted to cook for what would be the introduction to my supper club - something tasty but with impact. So, it went as follows:

Peanut soup

Pimento roasted plantain
Supermalt basted pork chops
Stir fried okra

Grapefruit ginger ice cream

My guests for the premier night of my supper club were all of Ghanaian extraction, which was an intentional decision, as I wanted to gauge the response from people already familiar with the cuisine. The feedback was great and fervently positive -namely being that something of this ilk is really needed to give West African cuisine the kudos it rightly deserves! I was of course extremely chuffed with all this praise showered on me, which led me to think of all the great things I could make for the next event.  All in all, a merry time was had by all, with great conversation flowing with each course. I'll also admit that my snazzy red and green Ghanaian print shirt was a hit, as was one of guests, who also chose to wear one - well keeping with the theme was the sartorial aim on my part for sure! Details for the next event will be posted shortly.