Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas: it's that time

So it's here! Another year gets swallowed up in a fuzzy haze; you ponder retrospectively and consider your achievements during the last 12 months, if like me, a sudden case of 'What the *#!?!! have I done?' hits you square between the eyes, rest assured you're not alone. But one thing I always remember are all the fab meals I've had, recipes I've cooked and restaurants I've visited - and the new year always brings the giddy excitement of all the new places I wanna try, kind of like the anticipation of Christmas morning. So, what's everyone cooking for Christmas lunch? This year, I've been assigned the task of roasting a duck, which I hasten to add I've never done before, so it should be interesting if not a tad challenging. Roast duck, christmas pud and bucks fizz aplenty - that's my kind of Christmas! Well, have a great one, whatever you're doing and eat well and don't forget to check back for new posts in 2012!